The Finders Keepers

Yalu Apothecary
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Yalu's philosophy is simple, we nurture with nature. Lush green beauty for the skin + spirit.

Cultivating wellness of the mind, body and spirit through speciality handmade Naturopathic herbal tea blends, crystal-infused botanical perfume oils, face masks and bath products.

All handcrafted in small batches by Rhiannon Mapstone, creatress of scent and Naturopath.

Sourcing the finest natural and organic botanicals from local gardens in Australia and the world. Each vessel is expertly and lovingly hand poured with a powerful healing combination of pure plant essences, signature organic infusions, and supercharged crystals.

Yalu perfumes are an act of love and take months to cultivate due to the nature of infusion, sunshine and alchemy, to create some of the most unique aroma blends as the scent-track to your life.