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We Are Wild
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We Are Wild is a candle and homewares partnership with a high emphasis on recycling and upcycling materials for our products. Started by Emily Robson and Amelia Rice, friends and graphic design comrades, We Are Wild was born out of our love for nature, design, the environment and of course, wine!

Our main product is soy wax candles, but these aren’t just your ordinary run of the mill candles - we make them from recycled wine bottles! Each glass container was once a wine bottle, that has firstly been drunk and enjoyed (not all by us, wink wink) then carefully cut in half and sanded. The candle itself is hand-poured soy wax and uses a wood wick. We currently have 7 main scents (including our special Christmas scent), all focused on nature and natural smelling scents. From the wine bottle tops we have crafted hanging planters, which is a perfect way to display your favourite succulent or cactus.

We have also introduced a new addition to our recycled candle family - the CAN-DLE! See what we did there? Each Can-dle is made in a tin can that once held actual food. These guys come in two Aussie scents, Australian Sandalwood and Eucalyptus and Lemon.