The Finders Keepers

Washpool Skin Wellness
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Handcrafted soap + bodycare made with natural, ethical, cold-pressed + local ingredients. Hand made on the Granite Belt, Queensland.

Just like you, we don't want to use every type of ingredient just because it's available to us here at Washpool Farm. Drawing on our wealth of knowledge, we choose instead to make choices about what we strongly believe will bring better health and pleasure to ourselves and those who use our body products. This means that we make very careful choices about the ingredients included in our recipes.

Wherever possible, we choose to source our ingredients locally, often direct from the growers. When we purchase from further afield we place great emphasis on using ethical, organic, fair trade and sustainably produced raw ingredients.

What we put in: Cold-pressed edible oils, butters and milks. Extracts, infusions, activated and whole botanicals along with clays, honey, fruit and vegetables. Basically, ingredients you can recognise.