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Tolu Australia
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Tolu Australia brings you one of a kind men swimwear with exotic and colourful Latin American patterns to enjoy your splash at the beach, lake, pool or wherever the summer takes you. The swimshorts are made of ultra soft and fast drying fabric, elasticised waistband; drawstring fastening with metallic ends, hip pockets, single patch pocket on the back, and mesh brief lining.
Tolu Australia started in 2013 offering panama hats, and expanded the portfolio in 2016 selling swim shorts to satisfy the inquisitive demand of Australia men.
Despite the huge distance between Latin America and Australia, the two countries have outstanding commonalities; Latin America is a place globally recognised for its exotic fauna and flora. Similarly, Australia is a country where the sun and the sea play a big role in people’s lives. Australia’s diversity of cultures and tastes, open minded and curious people, make them interested in learning about others’ lifestyles and experimenting in new trends.