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We sell clothing and it’s our business to know who makes it. Sweatshops are a no-no in our books so we only work with makers we can meet, greet and share honest to goodness relationships with! We work with a family in Bali that have their own home business sewing garments from start to finish. We also work with a small-scale home business that operate manual knitting machines by hand. When we get really carried away we also sew in our own studio in Brunswick, Victoria.

We're into wardrobe staples - those clothing items that never let you down, the ones you play unashamed favourites with and wear to death! Our staples are classic, unfussy and always
comfortable as heck. We offer menswear and womenswear and sometimes we can’t tell which is which! Style is personal and we provide a foundation for any Tom, Dick or Harriet to build their intentional outfit on.