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Studio Wanderlust
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Studio Wanderlust is a unique clothing brand with a focus on textile design, creating timeless pieces for people to treasure. Lindsay Puttock, the creative behind Studio Wanderlust has embraced a love for creativity & adventure from a young age, leading to an expressive, travel-filled career as a fashion & textile designer. With a constant lust to wander, Lindsay has embarked on adventures around the world fuelling her imagination from a variety of indigenous sources of textiles. Drawn to their beauty, she developed a passion for translating that sparkle into unique printed textile design. At Studio Wanderlust each individual hand-drawn design paints the story behind the creation of that particular print. Lindsay loves to share the creative road towards each design, providing an authentic narrative of the brand- Design with a story. Each collection is made from natural fibres and is exclusive & ethically produced in small quantities to ensure that each piece is unique.