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Spun Mud
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Bec Lindemann is Spun Mud. She is a full time ceramic artist working off the grid in her home studio. Bec makes artful and practical ceramic objects which can transform our connection with food and create rituals.
Spun Mud cups are among the best you will ever find to use. They are ergonomic and fine which is the most remarkable trait at market. Customers also love the serving bowls, platters, water jugs, mixing bowls and table ware. Hand built artworks are a featured amongst the pots.
A variety of different clay bodies are thrown, rolled, squeezed and then fired in the studio's gas kilns. You will find beautifully formed and altered pots with pattern inspired by retro design and Australian natives. They are decorated with signature home made silk screen transfers, handpainted or fingerprinted and dipped in coloured glazes.