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Soul Quartz
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Dainty raw crystal jewellery and unique crystal crowns.

Inspired by the modern day bohemian soul who loves wearing unique delicate treasures. Our petite, yet eye catching jewels are a little reminder of our connection to the natural beauty of the earth.

With a love for naturally formed stones, designer Tegan wanted to create dainty fine jewellery that accentuates the natural beauty of the stones without changing their shape or structure. Using high quality metals she creates cases that perfectly showcase the natural stone. The jewels are delicate enough to wear everyday and look great paired with other fine jewellery. Using high quality metals such as solid sterling silver and 14k gold filled wire, the jewellery can be worn everyday without worry of tarnishing or flaking off. Each piece lovingly hand formed and unique in its creation.

Our range includes our stand out crystal crowns and slides, dainty necklaces, drop earrings, crystal hoops and raw stone rings.