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Salty Fox
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Salty Fox is a brand that loves + lives by the ethos of slow fashion.

We design and manufacture in Australia.
Creating small capsule collections from luxurious, high quality fabrics and components.
And strive to create in a way that leads with craftsmanship + environmental consciousness.

Our design ethos is built on feminine, timeless designs that are easy to wear, with beautiful details lending a unique Melbourne design aesthetic to each and every garment.
Effortless bikinis and elegant one piece swimsuits, honouring both simple, fluid lines and the beautiful female form.
Swimwear made for living + loving in.
Swimwear that allows you to look beautiful and still feel comfortable.

Sun : Salt : Sea: the alchemy behind our every creation.
Our inspiration is the ocean; the tides of life.
Pain, joy, laughter, love, sorrow + the magic that lies between.