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Hello! My name is Holly and I am a Brisbane based Illustrator and creator of Paper Hands. Paper Hands is a collection of fine-line watercolour illustrations that capture my everyday inspirations and travelling adventures. All my illustrations are hand painted and hand drawn as an original artwork first and then turned into prints. I am always looking for more affordable/alternative ways to sell art, so I felt prints were a good way to do this.
I started this business four years ago as a way to put my hobby on a platform where I could share my work to a wider audience through markets and exhibitions. It's been a buzzing feeling ever since and I am lucky to have had some cool opportunities arise for Paper Hands.
I sell a range of prints in all different sizes, ranging from A2 size through to A6 Greeting Card size and I always ensure that my print sizes fit well with generic frames - so it's an easy and stress free process to go and buy a standard frame from most shops.