The Finders Keepers

Oh Jessica Jessica
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Oh Jessica Jessica is a Melbourne-based animation artist who loves narrative storytelling. She creates cute, quirky, characters with loads of attitude, and nostalgic illustrations that tug at the heart strings.

In 2016 she designed her first enamel pin and has become obsessed! Starting out with all the animals she wasn't allowed to keep as pets during childhood, the last three years has seen Jessica expand her range with even more animals, Australian birds, and surreal drawings. In 2019 she's added earrings and pendants to her range featuring new colourful designs!

Taking inspiration from music, writing, and pop-culture, Jessica creates comic-book styled illustrations of quiet, contemplative moments with bold, vibrant colours! The core of her work explores moments of heart-ache, fulfillment, and everything in between.

Oh Jessica Jessica offers original fine-art prints, fan art prints, enamel pins, earrings, pendants, and embroidered patches.