The Finders Keepers

Nzuri Organics

Nadine Shuma is the founder of Nzuri Organics, providing boutique hand-crafted skin care solutions made with certified organic raw materials.

Nadine is Tanzanian-Australian & the brand combines beauty rituals and ingredients from the Tanzanian culture & her love of high quality organic ingredients sourced from Australian companies to keep it local.

Nadine still handcrafts every product herself so you can be sure it is definitely handmade in Australia by her busy little hands!

As the focus to keep a green business is not just on the organic ingredients used to make the product but she also ensures the products and entire business is cruelty free and accredited by Choose Cruelty Free

Fun Fact: Did you know the wood wool she uses in her gift boxes can be used as mulch in your pot plants & garden? They make the pot plant look pretty cute too.