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Moeder Fox
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Moeder Fox is a range of colourful, unisex clothing for bubs & kids – all handmade in our studio in the Yarra Valley. My journey (Sarah, mum of 2) as a maker began, when I was frustrated by all the gender based clothing available for kids – so I started creating my own clothing range with a focus on fun and colour. We believe dressing for individuality instead of gender, helps reduce those gender stereotypes & is also great for sustainability as more clothes can be passed down from sibling to sibling.
Our main love is super rad bold prints – we create clothing & accessories for kids to be kids in! Play is at the centre of all of our designs – with each piece designed to wear every day. All of our clothing is handmade by me, so a whole lot of love goes into each and every piece. Every garment is cut economically and all styles are produced in small batches – all of which makes less waste!
Moeder Fox empowers kids to be free to express themselves through clothes – the way it should be!