The Finders Keepers

Mini Mad Things

A dragon soaring through the night skies. A pirate sailing on the high seas. A wizard shooting sparks out of a wand. These are the worlds our children live in. Worlds where even the most common objects become magical inventions and every step is a new adventure.

At MINI MAD THINGS, we design and make fancy dress costumes and accessories to aid in imaginative play. Ethically hand crafted in Nepal, or hand made in our Australian workshop, every item is produced with care.

The story began with a dinosaur costume made for an imaginative young 2 year old. The collection of crazy costumes grew from there to join children’s whimsical worlds all over the world. All costumes are for girls and boys. Dinosaurs and fairies are for everyone.

For us at MINI MAD THINGS, it’s all about play. Our aim is to help children see the magic in the world and to be part of it, engage with it and belong to it. What’s the rush to grow up?

Let them be little!