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Melancholy Memento
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Melancholy Memento offers a collection of illustrated greeting cards and art prints; based on the hand-drawn ink illustrations of Sydney artist - Mira Nurdianti. Her work shares stories of womanhood, using astronomical imagery and the occult as symbols of femininity. Mira draws from tales that inspire her - either from lyrics, folklore or personal experiences. This love of storytelling began from childhood, and it was through her grandmother she found the best storyteller.

Mira rekindled her love of drawing in recent years as a form of therapy. She pushed herself to create something every day as part of a healing process. She finds comfort in creating feminine imagery with gloomy undertones. Through Melancholy Memento, she wanted to share stories that can conjure strength for others in facing their day-to-day lives, like a talisman that can be kept. Presented through mixed line-drawing techniques, the illustrations are created mainly using fineliners.