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Magpie Goose
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Magpie Goose is a fashion social enterprise showcasing the beautiful hand screen-printed fabric designed and printed in remote Aboriginal communities. Magpie Goose is named after a bird native to the Top End of Australia. The magpie goose sits right up the top of the tree all day eating mangos and having the time of its life. Like it’s namesake, Magpie Goose is bright, bold and unapologetic.

Magpie Goose prints and patterns are bright and radical. They express traditional Aboriginal art and design in a contemporary, fun and exciting way. Each design tells a story - of people, place and culture.

Clothing designs are simple and classic (natural fibres!) - letting the textiles tell the story. Magpie Goose aims to be a powerful vehicle for creating new economic opportunities in remote Australia. As the business grows, Magpie Goose aims to offer employment and training opportunities in various aspects of the business, e.g. modelling, content creation, retail, media liaisons, and brand development. Magpie Goose is currently training four screenprinters in Katherine to print the designs of artists from Katherine and surrounding communities.