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Lefe By Nature
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LEFE By Nature is all about exploring the art in nature.

With a focus on natural textures, colours, patterns and a passion for outdoor spaces, I've created a range of accessories and interior wall art. My uniquely composed images bring nature a fraction closer and I hope you find delight in the minutiae and otherwise overlooked delicate natural forms.

LEFE Vegan Leather Nature Clutches & Wallets
Designed and handmade in Melbourne with paper based Vegan Leather. They are sized to fit the essentials and inspired by natures' beauty. The paper based Vegan Leather is lightweight with high tear resistance and made from biodegradable natural fibres.

LEFE Wall Art
The initial range is a colourful Abstract Rock Face series and a Black and White Nature series. My photographs are laser printed onto a stone composite and framed with reclaimed timber.

All LEFE products are 100% designed and handcrafted in Australia.
Connect with nature and see the world from a LEFE point of view.