The Finders Keepers


Kollab was inspired by two inquisitive women questioning why their everyday organisational essentials couldn’t be beautiful, as well as functional and affordable. Their run-of-the-mill shopping bags, lunch boxes, coolers and everyday totes were simply calling for a fresh injection of individuality and style. This is how the Kollab Collection was born.
Kollab is all about making the practical fashionable, and expressing innovation through designs & signature prints. The ever-expanding range of essentials offers beautiful options in flasks, lunch boxes, cooler bags, shopping totes and an entire world of storage and travel solutions.
Kollab loves supporting Australian creatives - showcasing the work of local designers and like-minded brands through product collaborations - so, in tribute to the brands’ name, some of our latest Kollabs include Leah Bartholomew, Ninnho, Munster Kids and, introducing this season, Love Mae.