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Kind of Joy
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“Kind of joy” is a brand of handmade macramé items created by Lucie in France. Lucie uses natural cotton rope to create wall hangings, plant hangers, suspended wood shelves, macrame mirrors, dreamcatchers, wreaths and so much more!

This fiber artist’s inspiration comes from nature. As such, she thrives to use natural materials such as cotton rope, driftwood and wool in all her creations.

Macramé is a passion, which she cultivates daily, no matter where she is. From a sweet spot on her favourite beach, in the bus, or from her workshop at home, she always has one or more creations going. The meditative process of creating each piece allows her to express herself through this craft. A decorator at heart, Lucie enjoys customising simple objects to give them a unique feel. Her bohemian influence means that she likes exploring with different patterns and textures.

Lucie started to design macramé pieces as a way to keep up with her love of plants and to hang them in her small apartment in the heart of Bordeaux. Her craft evolved with time and so did her creations. She is currently developing a range of decorative items for weddings, including macramé backdrops, back chairs, and table runners here in Australia.