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Jericho Road Clothing
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Jericho Road Clothing is a women’s fashion label which was launched in February 2016 by two Brisbane sisters, Kate & Chloe. The name Jericho Road Clothing comes from their family home address in Blackall, Central Queensland. Growing up in a small country town inspired Kate and Chloe to design the colourful and bold prints the label is known for, including Cockatoos, Brolgas, Platypus, Ants and Cacti, to name a few. Everything from the how the sunset looks to the wildlife makes its way into their designs.
Their focus is on fun prints, good quality fabrics and designs that everyone can wear and feel confident in. Neither of the girls have a background in fashion, design or marketing, they simply have a love for clothes and prints. They have tried to create pieces that stand out and have that wow factor at an accessible price point.