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Inside Jo.B
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Inside Jo.B is a small textile, slow fashion studio in the Central Coast focused on natural dyes, hand painted and natural ink screen printed one of a kind pieces, with message of self care.

Using natural soft satins, silk velvets, organza, raw silks with contrasting linen, cotton and hemp. Created into simple cut pieces, ribbons, scarves and silk pillow cases.

In organic dancing patterns of warm walnuts, rusty oranges, subtle avocado pinks, deep purples from berries and burnt reds of flowers all sourced from her garden and local neighbourhood.

Shares healing in medicinal natural clothing pieces and offering Eco Dye Kits from local foraged and natural ingredients to create you own fabric patterns from you kitchen perfect gift too.

The cuts, styles and shapes are simple, focused on minimum waste designs to be worn, layered and cared for in all seasons.