The Finders Keepers

Homelea Lass

Hi! I'm Lynda and welcome to Homelea Lass.

Homelea Lass is about encouraging, inspiring and helping you to create a happy life through chunky crochet.

I love designing chunky blankets and scarfs that last, and Homelea Lass has a beautiful range of easy-to-follow crochet kits, “made for you” items and chunky merino wool yarns. I make each kit and “made for you” product in my Melbourne studio.

As an Australian farmer and maker, I’m passionate about supporting other Australian farmers and makers. For this reason, our merino wool is 100% Australian grown and processed. This is rare – most Australian yarns are partially processed overseas.

I’m conscious of using high quality, sustainable and ethical materials and tools because I believe that the energy of everything and everyone in the making process lives on in the finished product.

Have you heard of Blanket School? It’s my online blanket courses and mindful crochet community and I’d love for you to join us.