The Finders Keepers

High Tea with Mrs Woo

High Tea with Mrs Woo is a proud Australian-made, small-run clothing label. It is a family business - the collaboration of three sisters designing and making eloquent, timeful clothing and accessories with natural fibre fabrics.

Established in 2004, Rowena, Juliana and Angela Foong design and produce their range of women’s clothing from their hometown Newcastle NSW. They practice Slow Fashion and Slow Wearing values - using materials and creating designs that are appreciated for their craftsmanship, wearability and materiality; maintaining a small and sustainable scale of production to make clothing that is worthy of care and enjoyment for a long and useful life.

“As a testament to our practice and commitment, we facilitate a LIFECYCLE Group where you can buy and sell pre-loved Mrs Woo garments to extend the lifecycle of the clothing we produce - it's awesome to see styles that we made as far back as 10-12 years ago come out of one person's wardrobe and into another.”