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Gertrude and the King
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Gertrude and the King is the brain child of mother and daughter team, Sandra and Kate.

The story began when Sandra was inspired by her daughters shopping woes for their children. Sandra learnt that there was a need for stylish, classic and of course practical designs when it came to shoes and bibs for babies and toddlers, with priority being placed on natural fibres where possible.

It seemed most of the bibs on the market were far too big for young babies, or not absorbent enough to do actually do anything. Soft sole shoes were hard to find, and those that were around were covered in prints and patterns and a bit too difficult to style...

Nothing really fit the brief: timeless designs that did the job well whilst looking beautiful. Simple really!

After retiring from her corporate career, Sandra took her daughters feedback on board and started creating. You can guess what happened next. . .

The collection is now a combination of handmade and ethically manufactured. After a while Sandra needed some help, sewing GK shoes was keeping her up waaaay past her bedtime! Her daughter Kate now looks after the business side of things, leaving Sandra to work her magic and continually create sweet new things for your favourite little people!