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Frog Orange
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We're passionate about enabling parents to continue their outdoor lifestyle and enjoy the magic of the ocean after having children. Everyone loves spending a day at the beach. The sound of the waves, the sunlight, and the relaxation of lounging in a beach chair are some of the highlights of summer. As it turns out, time at the beach does more than just provide enjoyment, it actually changes your brain, so maybe it's as simple as stepping outdoors to help combat the overwhelm of parenthood. Founded by Melbourne based mother and water lover Victoria Boag, Frog Orange is fully Australian owned and managed, and has expanded the popular wetsuit baby carrier range to include a new 15kg Toddler Carrier. The new EXPLORER carrier joins the ORIGINAL ADVENTURER baby carrier (designed for babies up to 9kg) and is sure to be impress adventure-loving families looking to enjoy beach, snow or water play with a young family in tow.