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Flora Waycott
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Flora Waycott is an artist and illustrator based in Sydney. With a background in textile design and a strong sense of colour, Flora's love of painting and screen printing come together in her products, offering decorative and functional items for illustration and paper lovers. Inspiration for her work is drawn from folk art, foraged nature finds and a childhood spent in Japan.

With the mark of her individual style, Flora creates charming, magical paintings using gouache and watercolours, which are available as high quality archival prints and postcards. Screen printing techniques are also used for a selection of her paper items, all produced individually by hand using water based inks.

Working as a freelance illustrator, Flora's art has been commissioned for products such as books, stationery and gift items. With a passion for making and an obsession with paper, Flora was drawn to starting her own product range where she could be free to immerse herself fully in to her creative world.