The Finders Keepers

Eva Cassis
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Eva Cassis is a boutique fashion studio, crafting sustainable, considered & timeless garments & accessories with rich natural materials.
Eva believes we need to provide kinder more sustainable options for customers & that the story of creation should be kind & beautiful too.
Slow Clothing drawing inspiration from feminine silhouettes, artisanal hand sewn details & the colours of nature. With seasonal releases handmade mostly in house in limited quantities to ensure the label stays true to it's core values of slow manufacturing & consumption with minimal environmental footprint.
Eva uses ethically sourced natural fibres & incorporates both Western & Japanese pattern making techniques to achieve elegant free flowing silhouettes that flatter the female figure at any size.
Handcrafted Jewellery is designed as the perfect complement to Eva’s unstructured free flowing garments. Rustic in nature using found objects & sustainably handcrafted materials.
Handmade in Sydney.