The Finders Keepers

Ernest and Joe
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Ernest and Joe is 100% hand made and designed sterling silver and gold jewellery made by a Mother, Daughter and Son team.
We find the beauty and importance of keeping E&J hand made (we also have absolutely no idea how to do it any other way)! We like the little hiccups that happen along the way and think that the black duckling/ runt of the litter piece of jewellery is often the prettiest.
We are based in Newtown, Victoria and everything is made from our little shared studio. Our designs and inspiration jump out at us from the many cups of tea and cheeky cakes/muffins/lollies and doughnuts that somehow make their way into the workshop. We like to keep our designs simple and fine as they tend to be the most effective.
All Ernest and Joe pieces are made with 100% Australian recycled sterling silver and gold.
All pieces are made with fun.