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Chai Addict

Chai Addict (and our stronger blend Chai Harder) is a masala chai tea concentrate handmade in Melbourne with an emphasis on flavour, consistency and sustainability. The concentrate has 2 flavour profiles, is unsweetened and vegan friendly, made from ethically sourced certified organic spices and certified organic Ceylon tea. Hand-made in exclusive, small batch brews, the ingredients from every batch are composted at local community gardens, which is then used to feed the vegetable plots, hence closing the sustainability loop. We collaborate with local producers who inspire us, are masters of their craft and who uphold similar beliefs and practices as Chai Addict.

Chai Addict has recently collaborated with fellow sustainable local producers Melbourne City Rooftop Honey and a local ceramicist, to create Chai gift packs – including all the things you need to make your chai experience nothing short of perfection.

A 30ml shot of Chai Addict will easily create a chai latte, however, it can also be used in baked goods and cocktails.

Chai Addict attracts the environmentally conscious shopper, the discerning foodie, and anyone that needs a break from the over-caffeinated land of coffee. (We still love coffee)

In the meantime, pour a nip, add some milk, sweeten up and take a sip.