The Finders Keepers

Céline Martine
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At Céline Martine, we believe in a world where women are free of judgement, free to pursue their true calling and connect with their inner goddess.

All our headpieces are instilled with a similar philosophy: we offer women affordable luxurious headwear that simplify hair management.

The pieces look like scarves or head wraps without you actually having to tie a knot, or worry about your scarf slipping off. It's better than dry shampoo.
This allows women to get on with the important things in life and be beautiful, funny, brave or whatever else they want to be.

Céline Martine's founder, Marion Lecesne, has a passion for fabrics, colours, and patterns which comes from her French Nanas ("grandmères") Céline and Martine.

We donate 10% of profits to domestic violence survivors.