The Finders Keepers

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Blackinkk was founded in 2015 to create minimal, aesthetic and long-lasting wallets. It was born out of love for well-designed and well-made products.

A brand with strong values for hard-work, discipline, style and individuality, it is important for us to create beautiful products that represent quality with extraordinary craftsmanship. There is huge focus on care and delivering the best product - the perfect design, the right stitch, the right colour, the best material and so on. With so much attention put into each one, they tend to last much longer and perform better over time.

Our products are made with full-grain veg-tanned kangaroo leather sourced from a local family run tannery in Sydney, Australia. The tannery has been in operation for over a 100 years. We chose to use kangaroo leather as it is sustainable to the local environment as well as being one of the strongest leathers in the world.

We make and create at our light and airy studio in Brisbane, Australia.