The Finders Keepers

Benna co

Benna co is the ceramics practice of artist Kelly Murphy, who applies the touch of a painter to the medium of clay; creating functional and decorative ceramic pieces for the home.
Vessels for plants and flowers, tableware and wall hangings are all created as individual, unique works of art on the domestic scale.
Honouring the truth of the materials, Benna co vessels strike a balance between loose and resolved forms. Pinched, pressed and nudged into shape by Kelly Murphy's hands, the clay
retains every impression. Glaze is applied in the manner of a painting, emerging in swirls and smudges reminiscent of abstracted landscapes glimpsed at from a fast moving vehicle, or seen from a great height.
Wall hangings consisting of simple groupings of geometric forms, and adorned with rich earth toned glaze, rough edges like a rocky outcrop, vintage and remnant yarns, the colour of grasslands, come together to evoke the Australian landscape and our connection to it.