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BeetBox is a lunchbox company.

Designed in Melbourne and 100% Australian owned, BeetBox asks users to Bring It - challenging the inevitability of a poor eating experience when bringing lunch from home or taking away from a café or salad bar.

BeetBox is the world’s first portable Glass Lunch Bowl – encouraging users to Bring Lunch to work (from home or take away), while minimising single-use & plastic food packaging waste.

Helping you simply bring + enjoy lunch on your own terms. Fill at home or take away.

Enjoyable eating, positive attitude & less waste through reuse.

Bring It.

And we don’t just mean in the physical sense.
We always wanted BeetBox to be more than its function.
We wanted it to feel so good to use, you’d use it more.

Because we believe that eating well makes us all feel better.
And when you achieve what you want to achieve,
this shapes a positive attitude that supports every-day wellbeing.