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Apothecary Artist
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Vanessa is a Newcastle based eco-artist. Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, she creates finely detailed artworks of trees, bees and other animals. Committed to a more sustainable art practice she uses natural materials, and has trained with master craftsman in Australia and Italy to develop traditional artisan skills in dip-pen drawing techniques with botanical ink and hand-gilding in gold-leaf.

Working with a Master Printer, Vanessa offers a range of limited edition Vercotype prints which she lovingly applies the finest quality Dutch Gold Leaf making each print its own.

With 10% of all sales going to Australian Conservation groups, Vanessa also brings bespoke art supplies such as gold leaf kits, botanical inks, natural pigments along with a selection of beautiful Australian made Tasmanian Oak picture frames.

Authentically unique, award winning and loved by many, Vanessa’s art pays homage to the love, light and joy that is found in nature.