The Finders Keepers

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Amelia Kingston is the owner and founder of AKA, a small, independent company based in Stawell, producing hand thrown and hand painted ceramic homewares and jewellery using locally and ethically sourced materials.

Her home wares; including bowls, cups, planters, hanging planters, ring holders, vases, platters and plates are both functional and beautiful, drawing on elements of nature, specifically her love to Cacti and Succulents. Amelia’s porcelain jewellery is delicate, simple and very practical. Her work has been seen in Peppermint Magazine, The Sunday Herald Sun and has been on The Design Files’.

Her eye-catching and creative designs combine both functional forms and free form ceramics to evoke both distinct function and sculptural needs for the home. Independently handmade in her regional Victorian studio, Amelia uses traditional pottery methods (including handmade glazes, exclusive to AKA, made by Amelia) overlaid with gold, silver or copper lustre (fired at 780 degrees). The result is both eye-catching and beautiful. Her work is both elegant and accessible, combining simple palettes (white and cobalt blue with gold, silver or copper lustre), making her products perfect for any home. Her ‘Princess’ collection evokes feelings of royalty and grandeur. Her work has consistently appealed to all age ranges making it significantly commercially viable.  

Encouraged by her high school pottery teacher, Val McCann, Amelia was able to take home clay and a wheel during school holidays to hone her craft. She travelled and worked throughout the world as a potter. Clay is one of the oldest and most preserved art forms and this connection to the earth and its history inspires Amelia to continue creating and pushing artistic boundaries inspired by the Japanese woodblock artists such as Hokusai, to paying homage to the region she lives in, the gold in her work being representational of the goldfields of the Wimmera and Gariwerd (Grampians).