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Welcome to the Finders Keepers application page. Are you ready to join our creative community?

On this page you'll find everything you need to know on how to apply for a Finders Keepers market. We also invite you to explore our many years worth of handy hints, tips and tricks!

With many markets under our belts, we've streamlined the application process so you can apply via a simple online form. 

First up please read our Application Criteria in full before applying, and our Stallholder FAQ's for more info. These both contain vital information about our processes and will answer most of your questions. You'll also find useful resources we prepared earlier about applying for the markets here.

What is new for our 2023s markets?

The wellbeing of our visitors, our stallholders and our staff remains one of The Finders Keepers’ key priorities. We have undergone rigorous planning and new changes form part of our conditions to continue to host our city markets. Please refer to our COVID Safe page for full event changes impacted by COVID Safe planning.

Due to changes with COVID Safe planning, our events will look a little different, and you will also notice these changes reflected in applying. These changes mean that some of our previous features are not currently available.

We’re now opening ALL of our seasonal applications on the same day and staggering the closing dates to give you more time to apply and get your applications sorted (if applying for multiple events), all at the same time!

We’ve also separated Design and Food Applications. They’re a completely different form with different opening and closing times. See below under application Opening and Closing dates for the full schedule.

Indigenous Program - taking Expression of Interests for our SS23 Events

Finders Keepers is dedicated to nurturing and growing the support for Indigenous makers in Australia. Over the past twelve years we’ve built a strong reputation in the art and design community as a key platform for emerging business owners to gain exposure and develop brand presence in a competitive marketplace.

You can read more information about our Indigenous Program here, and fill out an Expression of Interest form to be considered for our Spring / Summer program of events.

Application Process

Stallholder applications for the markets are only available if they are listed below under 'Application Forms'. The form can be accessed by the 'Apply Now' button which will be visible only once applications have been open. If it says 'Upcoming' please check back in on its opening date..

If you're filling out an application for the first time: When starting your application you will be asked to enter your email address and choose a password. This will become your new account login upon application submission. (Please note, you won't be able to set up an account outside of the application open times).

What do you need to Apply? You'll be required to share some business details, product images and necessary documentation. We'd suggest preparing these details before you start the application process. We also highly recommend you apply from a desktop computer and not a smartphone or tablet.

Already have a log in? If you've applied for a Finders Keepers markets since SS17, your details will be pre-saved and this will help streamline the process for you.  You'll need to login to your account and complete a new application form. Huzzah!

Once you complete your application, you will receive TWO confirmations.

  • A message 'successfully sent' message will be displayed on your screen once you submit an application online; and
  • You'll receive an email to confirm your application has successfully been received.

Missed the application dates and want to apply? Sorry you missed out! We often have long waiting lists! However if you want to join the queue,feel free to email us and request to fill out a late application form. (If our waiting lists are still open - look for the links below).

Please note: you will not get contacted unless you fill a waiting list spot that we require.

Please kindly note: The Finders Keepers does not accept 'expressions of interest' emails as part of the application process. In addition, The Finders Keepers Markets are for Australian based residents only, and you will be required to supply an ABN (Australian Business Number)

Love from our Community

"I love how Finders Keepers brings together makers from all over Australia and creates such a strong badass community. Each event always has a real family vibe (just like a family reunion) where you get to catch up with your interstate mates and meet so many new like minded creatives."

Carly from a Public Holiday

"Since I started working with FK it's been nothing but love. The support, communication, and opportunities are outstanding. It's given my little business the platform to grow and bloom in so many ways. People that come to Finders Keepers are there to meet the makers. They care about the love we put into making our creations. There is something super special about that connection."

Rhiannon from Yalu Natural Perfume

"We've made special friendships and important business contacts from markets over the years – Finders Keepers have shaped our lives, lifestyle and business in many great ways."

Natalie from Corner Block Studio

Design Stall Options and fees

Stallholder fees cover the 3 days of market trade (they are NOT daily fees). Costs for each city vary slightly and are outlined as follows:

Sydney - Design stall costs

Melbourne - Design stall costs

Brisbane - Design stall costs

Additional Costs

Food Stall Options and fees

  • Food Product 2m x 2m: $1200
  • Liquor Product 2m x 2m: $1500 including Medium Power Pack*
  • Ready to Eat 3m x 3m: $1500 including Medium Power Pack*
  • Ready to Eat 6m x 3m: $2000 including Medium Power Pack*
  • Food Truck: $1800 including Medium Power Pack*

*Medium Power Pack: 3 - 5 outlets (a mixture of 10 and 15 amps): usually $250

Opening and Closing dates for 2023

Applications for Designers only:

  • ALL AW23 Design Applications are now CLOSED
  • Sydney Autumn / Winter 2023 - Design (June) - Add your late application in for our waitlist here.
  • Melbourne Autumn / Winter 2023 - Design (July) - Add your late application in for our waitlist here.
  • ALL SS23 Design Applications are now CLOSED
  • Sydney Spring / Summer 2023 - Design (December) - Add your late application in for our waitlist here.

Applications for Food & Beverages only:

  • ALL AW23 Food Applications are now CLOSED
  • Sydney Autumn / Winter 2023 - Food (June) - Add your late application in for our waitlist here.
  • Melbourne Autumn / Winter 2023 - Food (July) - Add your late application in for our waitlist here.
  • ALL SS23 Food Applications are now CLOSED
  • Melbourne Spring / Summer 2023 - Food (October) - Add your late application in for our waitlist here.
  • Sydney Spring / Summer 2023 - Food (December) - Add your late application in for our waitlist here.

Application forms for 2023